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VST Plugins – Never Has Owning Outboard Effects Processors Been Easier

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The Fish Fillets – I’ve been using these VST plugins since 2005. And out of all the compressors and gates that I’ve tried, these are the easiest to use and have given me the most satisfactory results. I always come back to these. It never fails. And aside from the functionality, the user interface looks awesome.
The Fish Fillets Channel Insert Package includes the Floorfish gate/expander, the Blockfish compressor (dynamic range compression), and the Spitfish de-esser. Get these VST plugins free at DigitalFishPhones.com.

C3 Multi-band Compressor – Now there are times when the Blockfish compressor just isn’t enough. And this is not due to any fault of its own. But sometimes multi-band dynamic range compression is necessary in certain circumstances. I’ve used it to correct a badly set-up bass that has drastic volume differences from string to string. It’s also been necessary to tame particular frequencies in a vocal track that covers a wide range. But I’ve found it most useful in my mastering effects arsenal. I first learned about multi-band compression while I was studying mastering techniques. But on that path I discovered the wide array of uses in the mixing process as well. Get the C3 Multi-band Compressor VST plugin free at KVRaudio.com.

Yohng W1 Limiter – This VST plugin is apparently modeled after the limiter section of the Waves L1 Ultra-maximizer, and there seems to be enough information available to substantiate the claim. But I don’t have the experience with the Waves L1, so I had to study the reviews and give it a shot myself. I’ve tried several free limiters, and this one always has the best results. And it’s ridiculously easy to use. It’s a no-frills limiter, just the way I like it. Download this VST plugin for free at Yohng.com.

Sonitus EQ – This parametric equalizer VST plugin came included with my copy of Sonar X1. Before this one, I had become accustomed to No Name 1.0 EQ, another very effective parametric equalizer. But this one didn’t successfully make the transition from 32-bit to 64-bit, at least not in my setup. So on a whim I tried The Sonitus equalizer, and I’ve had no need to search beyond it. I do not think this is one of the VST Plugins available as a free download. But another equalizer that I find equally useful is the Electri-Q VST plugin. If you haven’t already tried it, give it a shot. The Electri-Q parametric EQ VST plugin can be downloaded here.

Izotope RX3 – This is definitely not one of the free VST plugins. In fact it is rather costly. But I love it, so it goes on the list. Read my entire article about Izotope RX3 VST plugin.