VST Effects – The Whackier Side of Plugins

VST Effects Plugins With Unordinary Applications

Skull Wearing Hat, Shades, and Bow Tie - VST Effects Page

Photo by OpenClips / CC0 1.0

VST effects are great for many audio recording tasks, such as compression, equalization, reverb, amp emulation, etc. These are not uncommon. I’ve included lists of many of them here on RockinDiy.com: Mastering plugins, guitar amp emulation, bass effects, analog warmth.

But in addition to these audio shaping tools, there are many VST effects that are a little more unconventional in their applications. The list is nearly endless and includes everything from atypical VSTi instrument synths to vocoders and noise emulation (robots, aliens, animals, rain, explosions, and so on). I’ve constructed a list of some of the VST effects plugins that I find strange, but interesting and possibly useful for music production. Have a look. They are all free. Decide what you think for yourself.

VL1 Casio Emulation

VL1 – Casio synthesizer emulation

Cheap Tone Casio VL1 Plugin

Cheapo Tone – Casio VL1 emulation

User Interface of 8-Bit Synth Plugin

8-Bit Synth – emulation of NES sounds

Commodore 64 Sound Emulation - VST Effects Page

Basic 64 – 8-bit sound emulation of the Commodore 64

Rubberband Guitar Emulation Plugin

Rubberband Guitar – Includes distortion and pitch shifting

Lo-Fi Plastic Piano - VST Effects

Plastic Piano – Lo-fi electric piano emulation

MyKazoo Plugin - VST Effects Page

MyKazoo – Kazoo simulator

Psymon Synth Plugin - VST Effects

Psymon – Retro synthesizer with one waveform

Sounds of Nature VSTi Plugin - VST Effects Page

Sounds of Nature – Rain, thunder, wind, etc. (VSTi synth)

Ukuulele VSTi plugin

Samsara Ukulele – Virtual ukulele VSTi

Minimogue Plugin Interface

MiniMogueVA – Emulation plugin modeled after the Minimoog monosynth

DSK Guitars Steel Plugin - VST Effects Page

DSK Steel Guitars – Acoustic steel guitar emulation

DSK Ethnic Instrument Plugin - VST Effects

DSK Indian DreamZ – Traditional Indian instrument emulation (Sarod, Sitar, Veena, Tar, Tampura, and Tabla

DSL Elektrik Keys Plugin - VST Effects Page

DSK Elektrik Keys – Virtual electric piano plugin

Rovee Voice Changer Plugin - VST Effects

RoVee – Voice changer (change sound of input to female, male, robot, or toy)

Hot Robot Vocoder Interface - VST Effects Page

Hot Robot Vocoder – Does just as the name says

Bomb Plugin - VST Effects Page

Bomb – Explosion emulation

Check back for new additions to the list.