Soundproofing/Acoustic Treatment (5)

Sound Absorption Coefficient – What is it and Why Do I Care?
Room Measurement With REW Room EQ Wizard
MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl) Acoustic Treatment Alternative
Sound Attenuation – Moving Blankets in the Recording Studio
DIY Bass Trap – Alternative to Rigid Fiberglass

Finally a Cost Effective Alternative to Mass Loaded Vinyl
Recording studio design is of vast importance when it comes to creating an audio recording setup. One of the biggest challenges is adequately soundproofing the space. This could be either to keep sound in or keep sound out. In a band rehearsal space, it is often necessary to keep loud sounds in. This keeps the neighbors happy. But if you own an audio recording studio or have a home studio, you must make sure sound is not getting in. The build-up of sound affects your overall headroom. Read the full article here.
Closeup Shot of a Mixing Board on MLV Page

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