Sound Attenuation – Moving Blankets in the DIY Recording Studio

Heavy Moving Blankets For Sound Attenuation in the Home Recording Studio

Sound attenuation in an audio recording studio can be very daunting. Most people want no part in recording studio design. And while the professional acoustic-treatment solutions can be very expensive, there are always alternatives that will not break the bank. Aside from Db3 acoustical barrier, couch cushions, and DIY bass traps that I made from compressed fiberglass insulation, I also use moving blankets for sound attenuation.

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Photo by Nemo / CC0 1.0

I have done a lot of research on these things. I kept seeing them pop up in audio recording discussions about sound attenuation and acoustic treatment. But the general consensus is that they do not do much for sound attenuation other than stop some flutter echo. However, there are companies that produce professional acoustic blankets supposedly ideal for deadening sound. And guess what? They sure do look quite similar to moving blankets. However, they come with a much steeper price tag. So I had to dig deeper. Just like any kind of soundproofing material, the more dense product will block more sound. Standard moving blankets are not very heavy at all, and are often extremely thin. The professional acoustic blankets made by Audimute and Producer’s Choice are heavy and quilted. This makes them more effective for sound attenuation than standard moving blankets.

I continued to search. I found this oversized 98”x72” woven moving blanket by a company called Wel Bilt. The dimensions alone are larger than any other moving blanket that I have come across. And at 8 lbs., the weight is much more comparable to the Audimute and Producer’s Choice acoustic blankets. I bought a bunch of these and could not be happier with the results. In addition to sound attenuation, they also help clean up the sound a bit by taming some of the high-frequency reflections. And if I ever desire to double them up, the cost is still cheaper than the professional acoustic blankets. So take a look. And even if the soundproofing and acoustic treatment results are not what you expect, this oversized moving blanket will at least look great in your DIY recording studio!

For more info: WelBilt moving blanket.