Skull Accessories For Guitar, Etc.

Ridiculous Skull Accessories For Those Who Think Every Day is Halloween… Like Me.

Image of Skull, Book, Candle and Hour Glass on Skull Accessories Page

Photo by DasWortgewand / CC0 1.0

Ah, customization… one of the most enjoyable things about owning a musical instrument. I like every piece of musical equipment I own to be one of a kind. And for better or for worse, everything I own is one of a kind. Most of the equipment in my arsenal is not expensive. Many of my guitars I purchased for cheap because they just weren’t very popular. That doesn’t mean they aren’t great guitars. It just means they aren’t as widely known as the big brands that most people desire. It seems that most people aren’t willing to look past what they see on the television. And if you’re into high price tags, that’s fine. I’m not. I prefer buying used gems and customizing them. And there is one thing I never get tired of when it comes to customization: skulls. Call me juvenile. It is what it is. I like skulls, always have. I like flames as well, but my obsession for flames has died down a bit. But my affinity for skulls has not wavered. It is obviously a bit ridiculous, but I accept it. Check out the following skull-related items below… or not.

12 Sugar Skulls/Day of the Dead Guitar Picks/Plectrums - printed on both sides (.71 mm)

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American-Made Skull Guitar Knobs


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Skull Guitar Strap PU Leather Ends - Brown


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Black Nylon Skull Strap Acoustic/Electric Guitar

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6 In-Line Skull Chrome Sealed Guitar Tuners


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Cherub Guitar/Bass Skull Tuner ST-711A


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Skull Knob w/6mm Knurled Inner Diameter - Black

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2-Pc Skull Knob Set w/ 5mm Knurled Inner Diameter


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