Shure C606 Karaoke Microphone vs. GLS ES57 Dynamic Mic

Karaoke Quality In The Recording Studio? – Shure C606 vs. GLS ES57/ES58

If you are a fan of the cheap quality and design of a karaoke microphone, then have I got the product for you. It is the Shure C606 handheld dynamic microphone, or as I like to call it, one of karaoke’s tools of the trade for drunken bar-goers. It works swimmingly for its purpose and has an extremely low price tag. I can see this being extremely tempting to a DIY recording enthusiast or a poor musician, which most are. However, I would steer clear of it for professional audio purposes, unless you are a guru and have already found the ultimate for the Shure C606. If you have, splendid! I applaud you. But I would rather not search for a purpose for a microphone when out there in musical world there is already a microphone with a purpose. Besides, I am not sure the Shure C606 is even still in production, so a new one might not be an option.

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If you take time to check out some of the other articles here on, you will see that budget microphones can be obtained for moderate to sometimes extremely low prices. Read about some quality budget microphones. My favorite of the bunch is the GLS ES57 dynamic microphone. It is basically a copy of the Shure SM57 microphone. However, it is an extremely accurate and durable copy. When my trusty ‘ole SM57 decided to perish (I actually broke it) after more than twenty years of my abuse, I purchased a GLS ES57 microphone for about $35, and I have not looked back. To my ears it sounds everywhere as good at the SM57, and even if it sounds a bit different, is that a bad thing? I mean, even though the ‘ole SM57 is known as the studio workforce, many folks out there do not quite take to the honky-sounding aspect of the mid range. I have never been bothered by it, but there people out there who have disliked the sound enough to attempt a modification. This mod involves removing the transformer. The result is less mid-muddiness, but also less volume. I did this mod on my broken SM57 just out of curiosity. But that is not the point of this article, now is it? Just go check out the mod for yourself at: Shure SM57 Mods. There is also a cool right angle mod.

Anyway, back to the GLS ES57 microphone. At under $40, it is a great alternative to the Shure SM57 and is most definitely superior to the Shure C606. GLS also produces a copy of the SM57’s vocal counterpart, the SM58. The GLS ES58 also comes at a price tag much lower than the SM58 and is worth a try. Both the GLS ES57and the GLS ES58 are amazing. Try them if you so desire. If not… rad.

GLS ES-57 Microphone With GLS Mic Bag and Mic Clip

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