Shipping Container Recording Studio – A Box of Envy

Home Studio in a Box – Shipping Container Recording Studio

Shipping containers mesmerize me. I’m not sure why. They are nothing more than oversized steel boxes. But these boxes can become so much more. Transformation ideas for homes, offices, businesses, etc. can be found all over the internet. And while reading about these shipping container conversions, I came across the idea that interested me most… a shipping container recording studio.

I have an audio recording setup about the same size as a shipping container. The whole thing is based around DIY methods and price efficient equipment. It is the result of much research and study. This recording studio is a place that I take much pride in. It does not have the conventional look of a professional audio recording studio, which is one of my favorite aspects of it. And most importantly, it sounds great. But it is a rental unit. I would love to own my space, and a shipping container recording studio could be a viable option. However, these steel containers are considered too narrow by most people to work as a recording studio.

But I feel like I could make it a reality. My current studio is also very narrow, so I have already done most of the acoustic treatment to tame reflections in small room. I would just need to move the guts of my unit to a newly purchased container. Then I would be all set. I would be the proud owner of a shipping container recording studio. And it would definitely be like no other studio in my area. The only major recording studio near me does not have a suitable environment for recording, in my opinion. It’s a very typical setup. To me it is am extremely sterile atmosphere which lacks personality. It is not a place where I enjoy going. Recording can be a sterile, lifeless process if not approached with caution. So I would love to create a warm, relaxed, audio recording experience that is conducive to creativity. The unique presence of a shipping container recording studio could provide the excitement that leads to amazing musical productivity. The potential is there. Now I just need to execute.

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