Complete List of Rockin’ Topics (64)

General Recording Info
Recording Fundamentals Not Just For Beginners
Computer Audiophile – Why I Am Glad to Not Be One
Home Recording Tips – The Basic Fundamentals
Easy to Follow Tutorials
Pre-Production – Prep For Recording and Trim Studio Time
Recording Studio Setups
Home Studio Design – Recording Setup Overview
Recording Bass Guitar – Capturing the Low End With Ease
Audio Mixing Tips – Testing the Final Mix
Dynamic Range Compression – Savior or Enemy
Digital Audio Workstation – More Computer Crap to Consider
DIY Recording Studio – Improving Computer Performance
Tascam 388 – and Other Standalone Multitrackers
Magnetic Tapes – Reel-to-Reel, ADAT… HI-FI VHS?
Analog to Digital Converters For Less – M-Audio
Electrical Shock… Not Good, But Sometimes Funny
Shipping Container Recording Studio – A Box of Envy
DIY Projects That I Have Attempted
DIY Recording – There is no “Top 5 Best” Anything
Analog vs. Digital Recording – Analog Still Superior?

Soundproofing/Acoustic Treatment
Sound Absorption Coefficient – What is it and Why Do I Care?
Room Measurement With REW Room EQ Wizard
MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl) Acoustic Treatment Alternative
Sound Attenuation – Moving Blankets in the Recording Studio
DIY Bass Trap – Alternative to Rigid Fiberglass

Microphone Info
Omnidirectional, Cardioid Microphone Polar Patterns, Etc.
The Dynamic Mic – Versatile Beast
Dynamic Microphone – Shure SM57 Alternatives/Budget Mics
Ridiculously Expensive Microphones
Recording Vocals With Two Budget Microphones
Miking Drums – Recording the Set My Way, Or Another Way
Recorderman Technique For Drum Overheads
Shure C606 Karaoke Microphone vs. GLS ES57 Dynamic Mic

Studio Monitors on a Budget, But With Quality
Best Headphones For Mixing – Only When Necessary!

Free DAW Software – Zynewave Podium Free
VST Plugins – My Favorite Effects
Free VST Guitar Amp Emulation Plugins
Free VST Plugins For Bass
Free VST Plugins For Mastering the Art of Mastering
Adding Warmth to An Audio Recording With Free VST Plugins
Remove Noise with Magical VST Plugin
VST Effects – The Whackier Side of Plugins
Psycho-Acoustic Harmonic Enhancer

Guitar Stuff
Second-Hand Instruments – Buying a Used Guitar
DIY Guitar Pickup Replacement – GuitarHeads
Short Scale, Shallow Body – Guitars For Tiny Folks
Guitar Shielding – Guitar Hum and the Dummy Coil Pickup
Best Amp Simulator? – The Joy of Joyo
Chromatic Guitar Tuner – From Stomp Box to Clip-On
Free Online Guitar Tuner – Find a Virtual Guitar Tuner Here
Skull Accessories For Guitar

Drum Stuff
Fundamental Drum Tips – Productive Drumming For Beginners
The Strains of Drumming
Alternative to Wood Drumsticks – But Why?
Cymbal Sound of Wuhan – Chinese Gems
Wuhan Crash Ride Cymbal – A Budget Solution
DIY Drum Wrap – Musicians’ Close Ally, Duct Tape

Quality Musical Instruments For Beginners… And Others
Guidelines For Playing Music in a Cover Band
Soldering Nightmare, Solderless Dream
Recording Studio Fails… And Other Musical Mishaps
Free Measurement Tools and Guides
Podcast Producer – Essential Tools of a Podcaster