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During recent economic struggles, I have found it financially difficult to maintain a recording studio, purchase drum equipment, and also feed my number one passion for playing guitar. So I’ve had to search. I scour the internet often for the best deals I can find. It’s not always easy, but I do occasionally find some killer deals that transform my face into a shocked expression similar to that of the man on the right. And to make the search easier for everyone else, I will post any amazing findings right here at Check back weekly to see what I have found.

GLS Audio Instrument Microphone ES-57 & Mic Clip - Professional Series ES57 Dynamic Cardioid Mike Unidirectional - For Instruments, Drums, Percussion, Vocals, and more!


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Drum Nutz Bloodshot Eyeball Cymbal Topper - For 6mm or 8mm cymbal holders

$9.99 - Free Shipping

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Joyo JT305 Guitar Pedal Tuner w/Metal Casing, True Bypass

$36.78 - Free Shipping

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Behringer XM8500 Dynamic Vocal Microphone


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Cigar Box Amplifier Kit with Oliva G Cigar Box, Hardware and How-To Guide!

$49.99 - Free Shipping

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WEYMIC New Wm57 - SM57-Style Microphone For Vocals/Instruments


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Evidence Audio SIS Plug Solderless 1/4" Angled Jack


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Marshall Amp Fridge


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