Remove Noise with Magical VST Plugin

Unwanted Air Conditioner in an Audio Recording? – Remove Noise With Izotope RX3 VST Plugin

Man With Megaphone - Remove Noise From Audio Recording With Izotope RX3

Photo by Open Clips / CC0 1.0

I was completely enamored by VST plugins when I first began using them a decade ago. I couldn’t believe I had instant access to all these different effects that were usually only available through outboard processors. This changed the game for me. But like any good advance in technology, this meant overkill. Looking back, it reminds me of the early days of digital drum machines or synthesizers. Such a new and exciting change in the landscape of music production. But that excitement can be taken too far. And it’s often very hard to know when to stop. What was once innovation can be beaten into the ground, becoming nothing but a nuisance. And this is what I found happened to me in my early days with VST plugins. But after taking a step back and reconnecting with the basics of effects processing, I was able to regain control and fine-tune my methods. I don’t over-use the plugins anymore, for the most part. I can still get caught up in the excitement of a new plugin from time to time. But for the most part I know when to stop.

The best thing about plugins is that there are plenty of free ones out there for the taking. Some of these are great, some not so much. But over time and with a lot of experimentation, I have steadily built an arsenal of VST plugins that I use on a regular basis. And very seldom do I use the ones that I have to pay for. However, not everything great comes for free. And with that said, the most exciting VST plugin I have found so far is the Izotope RX3. It is used to remove noise from a a recording. And this bad boy is a life saver. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth the money.

I’ve already posted on here about the Db-3 acoustical barrier and moving blankets that I use to tame and treat the sound in my studio. But this is not always enough to completely remove noise from the studio. There are still times when the air conditioner will bleed into the overhead drum microphones or interfere with a soft vocal passage. And sometimes this is not evident on first playback. It may not be until I later that I discover this, and then what can I do. It’s not like I can just remove noise.

Well, actually I can. I just plug in my Izotope RX3 and this will take care of the situation. I just find a section of the recording with only the air conditioner audible and click on the selection for “learn.” This will create its magical algorithm to remove noise. Then when I apply this to the air conditioner-disturbed performance, all is corrected. And I’m not kidding. There are some other settings that may need to be adjusted to most effectively remove noise, but for the most part, it really is just this simple. Coming soon I will have some before and after sound samples of what I have been able to accomplish with the Izotope RX3 plugin.