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If you’ve read through the content on this website, you will get the impression that I hate all professional recording studios. That is, however, not the case. It’s not the studios that I hate. It’s the slick style of production that saturates the radio airwaves that I truly despise. Songs are often overly produced to the point of being sterile, and that just doesn’t interest me. Quantize and Auto-tune are being used to suck the life out of a performance as opposed to enhancing it.

All types of studios exist. When I think of the different styles of recording studio design, there are three that instantly pop into my head: the home studio, the analog setup, and the professional studio.

The home studio usually consists of a few basic elements: a computer, a sound card, and studio monitors. There is usually not an abundance of outboard gear. Effects exist in the form of plugins.

The analog studio usually consists of a lot of vintage hardware and tape machines. The warmth of analog productions is often sought after by music purists. These type of musicians and producers generally place major emphasis on performance and feeling, not so much perfection.

And lastly we have the professional studio. The centerpiece of these studios is usually the industry standard of digital audio workstations, Digidesign Pro Tools. There are still plenty of physical gadgets and hardware, and sometimes tape machines, in the professional studio, but most of the work is done within the computer. The technical possibilities allow the ability to correct just about any audio imperfection. This can be a great tool. But too much tinkering leads to editing overkill… and a lifeless performance.

When I first discovered digital recording and VST plugins, I was so intrigued by the editing capabilities that I almost lost my way. Nowadays, I aim to have a studio somewhere between a home studio and professional digital studio. I would love, love, love to have some awesome tube preamps and analog tape machines, but the prices are a bit too steep for me. So I just try to do the best I can to accurately capture the essence of a musical performance. It’s the song that matters most to me. Overproduction will not necessarily help convey the feeling more successfully. But at the same time, I like to produce music that is listenable. I try to obtain a happy medium.

Let’s take a look at some recording studio pictures. Decide for yourself what kind of studio interests you most.

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