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Audio Recording – The sound of the room is super important when setting up a home audio recording studio. There are a number of issues that can arise (excessive build-up, frequency loss due to reflections, etc.) Check out this easy-to-use tool for getting accurate measurements of your studio space.

Acoustics Analysis Software – Room EQ Wizard REW

Guitar Measurement Tools, Guides, and More

Fretboard Radius Tool – Thinking about replacing the nut or saddle of your acoustic guitar? Well in order to get the proper setup, it is necessary to know the radius of your axe before you begin. Here is a cool printable tool for achieving this.

Action Measuring Ruler – Sometimes it’s necessary to measure guitar action in increments of 1/64”. This ruler does just that. Free Printable Action Gauge

Pickup Wiring Diagrams – If you have ever attempted the dreaded task of pickup wiring, then I do not have to tell you how painful it can be. And if you have never done so, then take my advice and hire a professional. But… if you must, here is a list of wiring diagrams for just about every pickup configuration possible. It definitely helps a bit. Seymour Duncan Wiring Diagrams

Blank Guitar Tab Sheet, Blank Fretboard Chart, and More –

Many More Printable Guitar Tools – Guitar Teaching Tips

DIY Music Whiteboard – This is not a printable download, but it is an extremely valuable learning tool. Easy DIY Music Whiteboard

Speaker Sensitivity Guide – In order to get the best sound out of a PA system, it is important to have speakers with good efficiency. Easily put, you want to get the most sound you can out of every watt your power amp delivers. The higher the sensitivity of the speaker, the more efficiently the amp will react. Now, of course, there are other variables to consider. But this is an important consideration. I have found this to be a spec that needs more discussion than wattage. Check out more info below. Guide to Speaker Specifications

Turntable Tools – Rather it be for DJ’ing or just personal use, a perfectly set up turntable is necessary. There are a number of variables that go into getting that needle correctly into the grooves of a vinyl record.

Audio Research Stylus Overhang Tool – Not directly related to the topics on, but it was so helpful to me that I’m including it, just in case somebody who needs it stumbles onto it.

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