Electrical Shock… Not Good, But Sometimes Funny

High Voltage Shock Skull on Electrical Shock Page

Photo by OpenClips / CC0 1.0

Most people do not consider the likelihood of electrical shock when playing musical instruments, but it is possible. I’ve seen singers shock their lips on their microphones from using equipment that is not correctly grounded. I once had a guitar amplifier that was missing the ground prong. This proved to be fun, however, as I was able to touch and shock my bassist while I was playing. But that was harmless. Electrical shock and/or electrocution is no laughing matter. I have only experienced minimal shocks in my lifetime. I’ve tested a battery with my tongue on many occasions. If the battery is still good, I feel quite the tingle. I’ve non-purposely shocked myself before when cleaning electrical outlets. That was also just a tingling sensation. I’ve never felt the full-on jolt of electricity, and thankfully so.

Below is one of the funniest, but also most educational, videos that I’ve encountered on the issue of electricity. I can’t decide if the guy in the video is brilliant or an absolute moron. I actually think it falls somewhere in the middle. He purposely puts himself in scenarios where he knows he will be shocked, but he also explains exactly why he is being shocked. Ultimately, he knows what he is doing and how much his body can take. That is obvious from the knowledge he has about electricity. But still, I wouldn’t subject myself to the torture, even for the sake of education. However, it seems to be quite an effective teaching method he has there. I have watched the video repeatedly, and the info seems to be becoming implanted into my brain. He has many other videos as well: Which is the Killer, Current or Voltage?, Making an Electric Toothbrush (Speed Control of a DC Motor), Making an Electric Toothbrush (Speed Control of a DC Motor), and more. All are very humorous (ridiculous), but also extremely informative. Who knew you could learn so much just from watching videos of someone purposely torturing himself with electricity? I, for one, am grateful for his efforts. Take a look for yourself. Laugh and learn!