Drum Tips – Fundamental Drumming For Beginners

Learn to play drums fast without even attempting. Fundamental drum tips can progress the learning process of drumming for beginners.

Have you ever been around a drummer who at first seems extremely competent at playing fast? But as soon as the drummer attempts to lay down a steady, slower groove, you see that this is impossible. It may seem baffling, really. How can this drummer be so good at fast speeds and so rhythmically challenged at slower tempos? Well, it is quite simple, really. The drummer has no control of the beats. The beats have total control over the drummer. Why? Well, most likely the drummer gravitated immediately to the concept of speed in the early stages of drum life. The interest of speed is often a significant appeal to drumming for beginners. This is common, especially when it comes to metal or punk drumming. I mean, who really wants to sit there and play to a click track at brutally slow tempos? Most people probably do not. In fact, this approach could lead to a loss of interest in drumming for beginners.

Silouette-Style Image of Girl Playing Drums on Drum Tips Page - Fundamental Drumming For Beginners

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But for those who persevere and pay attention to important drum tips and suggestions, focusing on the fundamentals and practicing effectively will definitely be rewarded in the long run. Practicing at warp speed is not a prerequisite to developing solid, quick chops. The steady, consistent practice at slower tempos is what helps build endurance and control… and with that comes speed. This is something I knew before I even started beating drums. How? Well, I am primarily a guitarist, and the same concept applies to drumming for beginners. Think about it. How do you expect to play extremely well at high speeds when you cannot control the slower tempos. The answer is you cannot. Basically you just end up with your muscle memory taking over. You have no control over your playing. It controls you. Now think about how awesome it would be if you could play fast and have total control. This is what happens when you pay attention to fundamental drum tips, take your time, practice correctly, and build a foundation first. Applying this approach makes drumming for beginners a much more effective process.

Here are some fundamental drum tips that can facilitate more effective drumming for beginners.

1. Breathe correctly. Always be aware of your breathing. It is common to subconsciously hold your breath while playing a difficult fill or complex section of a song. I also learned this early on from playing guitar. You need to be relaxed and comfortable while you play.

2. Remember to stretch. This is essential. Torn muscles and herniated disks are not fun. Stretch properly and save yourself some pain.

3. Practice to a click. Start slowly and periodically increase the tempo of the click throughout the practice session.

4. Proper technique can reduce the range of motion of your limbs and spare you injuries. Take a good look at your playing. What parts of your body are doing more work than they should? Do they need to be doing that much work to achieve the desired sound and dynamics? There is no reason to wear yourself out if you do not have to.

5. Drink water. Always stay hydrated. This is a no brainer. If you desire good stamina and do not like the idea of passing out from heat exhaustion, then you must have lots of water.

Those are just a few fundamental drum tips that can go a long way in developing proper habits in the life of a drummer. If you do not like these drum tips, then beat it (pun totally intended.)