DIY Drum Wrap – Wrapping Drums With Musicians’ Close Ally, Duct Tape

Duct Tape’s Role in a Musician’s Arsenal

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Photo by kerttu / CC0 1.0

Aside from any musical instruments or conventional musical accessories, what would you say is a musician’s most valuable tool? One obvious response is the ability to hear exceptionally. And that is quite important, I will admit. But there is another especially important tool that flies a bit under the radar. It can be used in a wide array of emergency situations to instantly correct performance-challenged pieces of equipment. But I have more recently found a use for this item as an important customization option for my drum set. Have you figured it out yet? There is only one possible thing I could be referring to, and that is… duct tape. Yes, you read that correctly… duct tape. Think back for a moment. Over the years, how many times do you think you have said, “does anybody have any duct tape?” I say it often. Not that I do not have my own duct tape. It is just that I have the impeccable ability to forget it… often.

First and foremost, I am a guitarist. I do not like to rig my guitars. If something breaks, I try to immediately fix it properly. However, I also play drums. And being that I am a guitarist, drummer, and recording engineer, I have to wisely distribute my funds amongst the three. And sometimes this distribution is spread extremely thin. So at times, one of the three will inevitably have to suffer. So which one is subject to neglect? Well, that would be number three on the priority list, which is the upkeep of my drum set. I have terrible technique and hit way too hard, so something is always breaking. Recently, I have had to make several DIY drum repairs. I have had to replace the bass drum spurs. The screw holes on the floor tom leg holders are stripped, so the legs are now held in place with tube clamps used for plumbing. I have cracked many cymbals. Fortunately, I have learned to give them additional life by using a rotary tool to cut completely around the crack. That will buy me some time, which is about all I can afford these days. And then there is the hardware. That is a lost cause. I am always breaking completely through metal drum parts. I can always find replacement parts on Ebay. But in an emergency situation, such as equipment failure during a show, I often have to reach for the ‘ole trusty duct tape and make an on-the-spot DIY drum fix. I have used it to hold cymbal stands together, to hold broken drum heads together, and more recently to hold that earlier mentioned floor tom together. It really is a pain to keep a drum set intact.

DIY Drum Project – Wrapping Drums With Duct Tape When Money is an Issue, Because Why Not?

More recently, I have found one additional use for the duct tape that does not involve emergency repair or any temporary fixes (well, it could be considered temporary, but I would not call it a fix). This utilizes the duct tape for the customization purpose of wrapping drums. Being that I am not primarily a drummer, I am rarely concerned about the appearance of my set. So I just let the appearance go until the idea of wrapping drums myself no longer seemed ridiculous. Well, this idea faded once I saw the prices involved with wrapping drums. It would have cost a couple hundred dollars to re-wrap the entire set. So what did my DIY-driven mind decide to do? That’s right, DIY drum wrap with duct tape. I went to my favorite place in the world, Wal-Mart (sarcasm), and purchased several rolls of designer duct tape. One roll was purple, one roll was yellow, and the third role was green and black zebra print, which was an absolutely ridiculous choice for DIY drum wrapping. But I must say, after a year, the DIY drum wrap is holding up fairly well. I am going to re-wrap them soon. Not having cases for my drum set has definitely put some visible wear in the duct tape. After all, it is tape. Also, I have found that leaving them in my hot truck is not good for the tape. It causes it to shrink up and reposition itself a bit, leaving some stickiness behind. But those are really the only concerns. And at around just $10 combined for the three rolls, I would say this was an extremely efficient DIY drum solution for wrapping drums. It really does look quite great… just as long as you do not get too close. From a distance, however, the DIY drum wrap looks splendid.