Bass Amp VST – Amp Emulation and Bass VST Plugin List

Low-End Thunder – Bass Amp VST Plugin Selection / Amp Emulation

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Getting a good bass sound for your audio recording is not the same as getting a great guitar tone. It is an entirely different beast. Fortunately it is a beast that is much more tame. It is quite possible to achieve an acceptable bass sound without even requiring the use of an amplifier or microphone. With the right bass, a good direct box (SansAmp Bass Driver DI or Behringer BDI 21, etc.), a competent player, and the correct use of EQ and compression, the results should be quite good. Another option is to record a direct signal and a mic’d amplifier signal to two separate tracks. Then these two signals can be mixed together to obtain the perfect blend. This allows for even more flexibility in the end result of the tone.

However, if you still cannot seem to achieve the bass sound you are so desperately seeking, then it may be time to give some ‘ole bass amp VST plugins a shot. Try them out. If you like any of them, great. If you think they are all crap, then it is not my fault. The bass VST plugin and effects list is not nearly as plentiful as the plugin availability for guitar. This is because nobody cares about bass players. I am kidding… sort of.

Bass VST Plugin List / Amp Emulation and Effects

Awesome SansAmp Bass Driver Emulation Plugin - Bass Amp VST Page

TSE B.O.D v2.0 – SansAmp-style bass VST plugin

3rd Bass by Helian - Bass Amp VST Page

3rd Bass VST Plugin by Helian – Amp simulation w/effects

Ronald Passion Analog Tube Emulation - Bass VST Plugin

Ronald Passion Bass Preamp – Analog tube bass amp VST emulation

Image of Guitar Amp 2 Free User Interface - Bass Amp VST Page

Guitar Amp 2 – Includes a bass amp sim

Bass Landscapes Harmonics Boost - Bass VST Plugin

Bass Landscapes – Psychoacoustics-inspired bass boost

Bass Tube Amp VST Plugin Interface - Bass Amp VSTPage

SHB-1 by Ignite Amps – Bass amp VST/tube emulation

When using a bass amp VST plugin for emulation, it is also necessary to run an additional VST plugin to load cabinet simulator impulses. Here are a couple options: LeCab2 by LePou, Voxengo Boogex.

More plugins to come!