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Dynamic Microphone - Shure SM57 Alternatives/Budget Mics

As you may know, the Shure SM57 dynamic microphone is the standard workhouse in most audio recording studios. It can be used on just about everything. I’ve even read stories of SM57′s being used in a drum overhead condenser mic setup. They truly are very amazing and extremely durable. ...

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Mass Loaded Vinyl Home Depot Alternative - DIY Recording Studio

So while researching MLV (mass loaded vinyl), I discovered a mass loaded vinyl Home Depot alternative called Db-3 acoustical barrier, or ditra. It comes in a 4’x8’ roll, and is approximately 1 lb. per square foot. This gives me the density I am looking for at nearly a third ...

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Recording Fundamentals Not Just for Beginners

For the most part I try to stay away from unnecessary terms and steer clear of the audiophile mentality. However, the fundamentals that are found here are applicable in just about all recording scenarios. Even the most snobby gear junkies cannot deny this. There is a foundation that is ...

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The information included on this site has helped me tremendously in my home audio recording studio. My recording sessions have become more effective, and the process has become more enjoyable. Hopefully the information will help you as well. Do you really want to obsess about computer audio recording? Focus more time on the most important thing, which is playing music!

In the Past – I have attempted many experiments in recording studio design. I have constructed my own bass traps from compressed fiberglass. I have searched patiently for useful acoustic treatment and soundproofing materials. And quite often, the acquired absorption-proficient materials have required a significant amount of disinfectant spray. I have built reflection filters and shock mounts with great success. Other things, not so much. But everything has taught me something. At least I hope so.

In the Future – I plan to add much more content about my latest discoveries in home audio multitracking and recording studio design. This will most definitely include my unfortunate mishaps. Basically anything new that I learn will be shared here.

Also… isolation cabinet. That may be the next hurdle I tackle.

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Take a look around. If your recording space is currently a lair of destruction, then there may be some useful information here. The audio recording process is stressful. However, there are many solutions that can make sessions a bit less painful. The goal is to stay on track, maintain focus, and never lose sight of the #1 mission, which is creating quality music. I aim to develop my recording knowledge as a tool for capturing my music. Getting lost in the technical aspects of recording can be counter-productive. And to stay happy, I need to stay productive. I and not guaranteeing that the info here will transform you into an expert. But with a little work, home multitracking and recording studio design can become less stressful.

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